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Saving Energy

Welcome to the RE website!

I am very enthusiastic about RE (Renewable Energy), positively biased by the Sun! That is the reason I started these pages at October 23, 1998 and that I am loading these pages with Renewable Energy info, Energy saving hints and Photovoltaic Solar Electricity generation designs, to share the knowledge with you and promote RE.

Technical stuff - electronics, software - and 'homebrew' guides are what I aim for, as I am technical oriented, want to do everything myself and I am backed by a degree in Electrical Engineering. What about savings? Well, Renewable Energy saves the environment a lot of waste, saves our children a lot of trouble and it may save us already a lot of money after the initial investment. But what the heck - it is fun as a hobby and gives you a good feeling.

I have taken photographs to present the details of installation of the Solar Panels (on my suburban house), the layout of the system, the connection and construction of the inverter, the basics of an inverter and waveforms and so on ..... Everything that could help to get a good picture of how to generate your own electricity and spin your power meter backwards. Best of all: you save the environment tons of exhaust! Weather is not always good for solar power here in the Netherlands, but the first summer (1999) has rewarded me with a lot of sun. Summer 2000 was a little less, but now I've got hot water as well. You can react via e-mail: cwater@proxim.com if you want to discuss the presented info with me.

Further information

In 2006 the site was relocated from Geocities to Freewebs, while simultaneously getting a new lay-out. It has been taken apart and put together again conform the changed rules for HTML and CSS, creating a hopefully more comprehensible and user-friendly, if not less informative website. For all the links that were previously to be found at the bottom of each page, please consult the links section (found under Miscellaneous).

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